The Nusser's Story

Grosetto, Tuscany

Before us lies an open road… a future filled with love and adventure

The Wandering Mae

It was in my high school days that I dreamt of owning a magic ring that would make my wishes come true. And that includes – flying me over the mountains, taking me to places anywhere in the world.

It was only after university that I began to love reading, and it opened my mind about the beauty and vastness of the world. That there are wonderful places, very rich in history; and that there are people of different cultures and languages other than mine.

That’s when my journey brought me to the place where I met Kay. 

The Curious Kay

A man of many words! But I do not like to only talk, but also live the words that I am talking. I have been reading many books about how great leaders and history makers lived their lives. One common lesson I learned is that – they follow their gut-feeling, their inner-voice. They acknowledged their purpose and lived it without holding back.

That’s the kind of life I want to love.

Then I have this crazy idea. Although I am not the first or the only person who’s doing it. What if I quit my job, sell everything, and go on a motorcycle trip around the world. But there’s one thing that is holding me back – I’m not going alone.

Destiny may have been working for me. It unfolds just before me when I met Mae.

The Nusser's Story

Big dreams are hard to accomplish. So what can we do to be closer to those dreams? The first steps may be almost always small, and it’s best to start them soon – like right now. We pack our bags and in the next years to achieve what we want to experience as a couple – to travel the world. And to do that on a motorcycle is just only to add thrill to the journey.

It’s a start of a new beginning. A new season is unfolding.

We are excited for what’s to come. Either we can fear the future and the unknown or we can expect that the best will happen. We choose to fix our eyes on the latter. And only thing that will be different is the way we get to feel right now. It is important to live in every moment of our lives, and not to worry of what if’s and what’s not. It is like dancing to the tune of music you like most, and dancing it like no one is watching. We do not live according to the society’s definition of living, but on the true essence of it. Why are we here for?

If we don’t achieve what our goal is, it doesn’t bother us. More often, we learn and grow by just trying.

Motorcycle as a mode of transport is common. Anywhere you go in the world, it is part of people’s way of life. That’s why as a traveler, it connects you instantly to whoever you meet across the street. Not to mention that as you ride, you are indefensible against what the road offers you. It is unobstructed that you can smell the air that engulfs you, taste the curiosity of mankind around you, or see the diversity of circumstances that surrounds you.

That is what we love to experience.