5th September, Thursday

Who would not like sunset views? I think they are wonderful, not unless there are heavy clouds ahead.

After 5 minutes of leaving the campground to visit the many monasteries around Meteora, there were drops of rain – and not just a drizzle. We could have chosen to go back, but we didn’t. The rain kept on pouring and seemed like no plan of stopping. 30 minutes after, we found our refuge, a small roof of a souvenir shop just outside a monastery. Kay even managed to pull it out a bit more. Such a relief!

We waited for some time until the rain finally stopped. The sunset viewpoint was not far from where we were. We could have stayed and waited for it, but no – there might be a reason why that deck is placed in there. So off we went, and then positioned ourselves to get a vantage view.

Well, it was already in front of us. It was magnificent. Not long after, the dark grey clouds ate it up. It was a short show. And those who were on their mobiles and cameras – may just have seen it like they’re watching on TV screen.