Day 15 Part 1 | Rainy Last Day in Slovenia

Here's the two rainbows welcoming the Nussers in Croatia
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23rd June, Sunday

Unexpectedly Kay woke up at 6 this morning, impossible going back to sleep. “OK, lets go and take a shower, it’ll not be busy at this time.” he whispered.

Today we leave this fabulous camping spot `Kamp Polje`. Sadly, it has rained all night and the morning is misty, rainy, wet and chilly – awkward!

Looking up the Rain radar could really let you worry, the situation is not about to change very soon. What a crap!

The rain continues to pour, and many camper vans were already leaving. In this condition you really don’t want to pack your tent and prepare the motorcycle. What to do? They do not want to extend because a friend and his family were already waiting for us in Zagreb. This would be another country for us.

After the coffee, sunny side up eggs and fresh bread, Kay settled the bill and drove the GS at the main camp under a roof.

The owner, Bojan, was born 1965 and told Kay many stories about the history of former Yugoslavia and Slovenia in the last decades. Independent since the early 90s, the Slovenian people can enjoy their life without honoring a political party or regime. For our Generation, this is just normality. We can call ourselves blessed about that. The hidden graves in the forest are evidences of suppression, dominance of the powerful and the chaos in the month and years after WWII, as these cruelties happened. M&K are so happy to have grown in countries and times without war and destruction.

Mae is totally damaged, yesterday was a long and adventurous day. Preparing the meal takes them long this morning. Also, Kay needs lots of time bringing all our stuff from the tent to the dry shelter where he parked the GS. They occupy the long table and benches as it’s the only place it could be protected from the rain. It feels like hours. Happily, the camp was already almost empty. A group of German ADAC-campers just left. Some others stay in their caravans and campers, so we can make use of all the space alone. Lacking motivation due to continues rain, packing seems unending. Even many things are now being positioned more effectively in the dry bags and aluminum boxes, both hardly gain progress.

The planned meal to take and enjoy on the road is now eaten in the camp. It is noontime and they are hungry.

Finally, there was no other option but to pack the tent including the footprints while wet. Rain is not eventually stopping anytime soon.

Obviously, an umbrella is really missing as they realize today. Soon this is to be added to the digital grocery list. The hats also help against the rain, but not fully. While packing, the waterdrops at their back is nagging. Mae wanted to take one of our umbrellas from home, but Kay didn’t want to. His reason: “There is no space, let’s see if we can get along without.

At 3 pm we can finally start. Sadly, we cannot make it on Mae´s planned idyllic route to a castle near Novo Mesto, Celje and Ptuj to Zagreb. Five hours of riding on curvy roads through the mountains in the direction of continuous rain forecast is already too much for the remaining hours of today. This leads to a discussion between them once again, and first time after 1000 kms on our tour that Mae shed tears. Many of our planned destinations we could not reached for reasons either we started too late or the weather was not conducive. Knowing Mae and Kay, nobody would wonder about it.

This must be improved the soonest!

Therefore, our new route to Zagreb is boring and mostly on main roads. Packing, discussing and the sadness of today make them both hungry and sleepy all the time. The first stop is already in Novo Mesto for a coffee and Palatschinka with Banana and Nutella. You add the long, adventurous and intensive ride from yesterday. And after a short night, there is no motivation today – it seems the road never ends.

And the silence between the two are deafening.

Not being aware of how far we have already traveled, we find ourselves at the border crossing. First time that we must show documents, even at the Slovenian side to exit their country. The same also to enter Croatia (Hrvatska, or short `HR` in their language). Both officers are very friendly and smiling at the three of us. A couple on one motorcycle, ‘Just married’ and a dog is not seen often we assume. Kay has spotted a huge European Flag here; he is really wondering about the border controls. Slovenia and Croatia are EU-members. But later he finds out because Robert could solve the mystery: Croatia is not a Schengen room member.

After crossing the border, there is still silence in their intercoms. Then Kay spots a rainbow, then further ahead comes two rainbows.

Kay: “Ahh, babe! Should we stop and take photo of it?

Mae: “It’s up to you. You can stop and take photo if you like.

Well, Kay gets it. She means to stop and capture a photo.

We stop at the pavement and Kay further inquired how and what to photograph. “Of course, the clouds, or?” Mae snorted.

Today is not a good day in the marriage life of the Nussers. But as the patience of Kay lengthens and took several selfies, it lightens up Mae’s mood quickly, then off we ride.

How a rainbow is formed? Yes, it needs rain! So, we got wet a few minutes later, what a wonder. No petrol station or roof to help us in sight, Kay is getting wet. Just a few minutes ago he got rid of his kidney belt and opened the ventilation of his jacket because of the muggy weather, now this. Two cold streams of rainwater running from chest to the belly -Yahejjj. He can only blame himself.

Finally, we find a LIDL store and stop at the shopping trolley garage. It is Sunday, so the parking lot is empty. He closes all zippers, puts on the kidney belt and checks the rain radar. Majority of rain has passed; the rest is heading in an opposite direction. We have only 25 min to go, this we can stand wet without putting the raincoats.

By the way, Mae hates the rain radar App and she would like to delete it from Kays phone. He often plans the road avoiding the rain – incomprehensible for Mae. Yeah but for the driver in front, rain is really sh… In Kays summer suit it is getting wet and cold, the road slippery immediately. Drops at the windshield, visor and glasses hinder the sight. Also, the GPS is harder to see and hear.

For the pillion all of these do not exist, just Mae`s gloves get a bit wet and cold.

What Mae does not know is that yesterday Kay even bought a premium version of the App. It works well and so we could really avoid the heavy rain. A great help for the driver but Mae has her own opinion about it, which Kay just ignores. For Mae, she always reasons that it takes out the spontaneity of going to places. What’s your opinion about it?

Let me know, I am happy about your opinion:

the Nussers
Hope this selfie can lighten the mood of Mae

Our Day’s Ride

73.3 Kilometers
2 Hours
2 Breaks

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