Day 14 Part 1 | Morning (Mis)Surprises

Part of the Krka River in Slovenia
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22nd June, Saturday

Mae and Kay may have adjusted well sleeping in the tent. Kay had no back pain anymore for having only the thin mattress. For Mae, hard underlayment is not a problem as it normal in the Philippines. 

The ribbitting of the frogs from the nearby river as well as the chirping of the crickets are even loud but not disturbing at all. Music from nature as this we haven’t had for the longest time.

It’s still 7am yet all campers around us are awake. I could have awakened Mae and Kay, but the warming and alighting sun pushed them out of bed, much sooner as they normally did.

But something happened in the middle of the night, the rod fell down. Kay tried another temporary solution, and that was to pull it with strings from left and right and tie it to the trees. And that basically works until the last day at the camp.

I’m sure Kay will find better solution when in Zagreb. 

Looking at Kay’s face, it had swelled more now than it was yesterday. The swelling went up to the eye area but thankfully, it did not affect his eyesight. 

That means the tour must go on!

Kay swollen face
Kay’s still swollen face from 🐝 sting

The camp owner brought them the freshly-baked bread they ordered  last night, then enjoyed it with the newly brewed coffee. 

Alongside that, Mae was boiling potatoes to take with us on the planned trip. Then suddenly the stove shuts off.  They found out it ran out of fuel. Sucking fuel out of the GS tank did not work as the level is also too low now. 

Mae, with a smirked face, “You assured me that refilling from the tank won’t be a problem. What could have happened if it’s somewhere so remote?

Of course Kay tried this at home before the trip and it worked well – only difference is – with the full tank.

So we took the uncooked Potatoes with us. 

Today we have few destinations around this town and its surroundings.  We’re going for another ride!

Could have sliced it smaller too for faster cooking

rufff, huff, huff


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