Day 20 | Military Airfield. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Upper Lake
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28th June, Friday

We start a day tour; first destination is an abandoned Military airfield. 

To ride the GS along the old runway, about 2 km of length is really great. All gates are open; we also meet other visitors here. We can even access a bunker, where it is nicely cool. Here the Fighter jets have been kept. The armored doors open directly to the runway. 

At the wreck of an old Douglas C47 Transporter M&K leave their first mark on the route:

No stickers to stick – what about writing it –

Arriving at the Lakes, hungrily the both enjoy the delicious and hot mushroom soup we took in the ESBIT. Mae has found a secret hint from the web where we could enjoy the view of the lakes…half legal… The entrance fee of about 28€/person was really shocking for us. Even it includes a free boat tour around the upper lake. 

We find also a parking lot with shadow for free. Mae and Kay have changed into their walking clothes then enjoy the meal under the branches with the view of the lake. 

Following the trail along the hills, Plitvice Lakes really leave us speechless. What appears to us is really worth travelled for. Nature has created an incredibly beautiful place. This needs to be caught on camera.

Mae uses every ledge and vantage point to capture countless pictures and videos. Each with the SONY Camera, GoPro, and Smartphone. At first only the scenery, then including her, finally Kay is added. The view is captured using any angle and setting as if tomorrow earth will swallow the whole area. 

An overall delighting joy for Mae, this evolves more and more like torture for Kay. 

To take pictures and filming is Mae’s hobby. It is really important to her capturing all the details. There are only a few photographs from her childhood, making her sad in the past too much often. 

One can say Asians have a preference for digital media and countless pictures of any POI. Who hasn’t seen that himself in historical cities and castles? 

Filipinos especially love to capture everything and also call themselves as Champion in using social media. Also, SMS is very popular there: ~100 million Philippinos send 2 billions of SMS. Every day!

Continuing this, Kay’s mood is getting worse minute by minute at this nice place. He is getting more and more silent (which can be a blessing) and impatient. Mae’s countless hidden requests: ”You didn’t take pictures of me here, look at the other couple, he is capturing her amazingly” even heats the situation more and more. 

Soon, there is no spoken word anymore and both walk the common way of keeping a certain distance. Whenever Kay has a chance to grab the camera, he wouldn’t let it go again easily. If they have trouble, this is the reason. 

Speechless they arrive at the GS, having coffee and start our way home to the hostel. 

Mae has discovered a worthwhile shortcut; sadly it leads through the nature reserve and is forbidden to go. So we have to go around, crossing the mountains. It is very curvy; we reach a dead end and have to turn. Next part changes to gravel, then stone only. Turn again. 

Finally, even longer, persistent curvy way across the woods leads us slowly to our destination. Swinging along winding mountain roads in the evening shadow is a really nice waste of time. But when there seems to be no ending, the fun stops after an hour. Riding home is not one-meter fun for Kay this evening. After arguing, his mood is still worse and he is just looking for a beer, dinner, and peace and silence.

About the problem of diverging interests in capturing they have to find a solution. No way to go on like that. 

On our route back across the remote forest of Croatia, we catch sight of countless warning signs of landmines. Before leaving home we have read about that still existing danger, so we would not leave the normal track.

We grew up in peace and have never been confronted with hazards like that.

Up to now, we have hardly seen remains of the Yugoslavian war. Today we are being reminded of the fact that it was only about 25 years ago that people had to fight in military conflicts on this soil.

By sunset, we reach our temporary home. Lacking groceries, Mae is magically creating something out of nothing: Indian Rice using the herbs from Dubai as well as two eggs.

Kay bought some beers this morning when he went to ’buy bread’. Both enjoy the simple dinner now, even remaining silent. 



Our Day’s Ride

167 Kilometers
4 Hours 31 Minutes
2 Breaks

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