Day 11 | Ljubljana in Two Hours

Ljubljana River
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June 19th. Wednesday

Today Mae and Kay decided to take a regional bus to the center of Kranj, about 8km from where our hostel was. It was a spontaneous decision not knowing of when the bus comes. 

To find it out, Kay went to the street to check for bus schedule, but he returned empty-handed of information. Then it was Mae‘s! 

This kind of scenario is what I enjoy most with the two. It’s a contest of who can acquire information better.

After few minutes… Voila! Mae found where the bus schedule was posted… and it comes in 10 mins… 

Suddenly both move in high-speed.

You might be asking – what brought you in Kranj anyway? 

Actually, they knew nothing about this city. It just happened that we needed a place to stay outside of the city. And since we were heading eastward to the capital of Slovenia, not so far they found this hostel with a price comparable to a night in a campground. 

Since they were not so keen of walking around the streets of Kranj, they boarded the bus to Ljubljana. It is 26km and takes only about 30mins to the center of the capital of Slovenia. 

With their limited time in the city, Mae and Kay spent interesting two hours walking on the streets and alleys of this historical city. 

Robba Fountain in view; Central Streets of Ljubljana

It is said that the wheel was invented here, but who really knows. The history was quite full of challenges and changes. The architecture is a mix with lots of Italian influence.

There is the most special “Triple Bridge” as well as many other creations of the local architect Mr. Jože Plečnik. He designed and rebuilds an already too small bridge adding two bridges aside. They should serve as pedestrian bridges, separating people walking in and out. The middle part is now to use for the carriages and cars. This ingenious idea helped to keep the people safe in a time where traffic and speed increased from people walking only, to carriages and cars.

Ljubljana Triple Bridge

They also had a look at the amazing library of the university where a German military plane crushed in WWII. The building was not heated at this winter day, as the city was short in fuel. Then an over-eager student sadly came to return books and was killed as with the two pilots. 

Many parts of that mesmerizing city like the traditional fish and farmers market, the historical old town and a copy of the Trevi fountains in Rome had really impressed them.

Sadly cold rain caught them, and not having an umbrella was not fun at all. We will hear about that missing umbrella from Kay later on. 

Tired and hungry they went back to Kranj in which they had not anticipated the bus timings going to our hostel. Thanks to two very nice ladies who spoke very well English, and helped them locate which bus they had to take and on which time. And guess what? The next and last bus coming was in 90 minutes. You can imagine poor Mae freezing from the rain hours before, and then had to wait under the cold night. Mountains surround Kranj and the city gets really cold in the evening much more when it’s raining.

The two were now back home with me. While Mae warmed herself with hot coffee, Kay was becoming a bit adventurous. 

The tap water in our accommodation is bleary for the first minutes you switch the faucet. Maybe it is related to the minerals that are washed out from the surrounding mountains where the spring is located. Even our host said that the water drinkable, but by the look of him as he said it, he feels a bit worried. To ease the doubt, it’s the best time to test the KATADYN water filter. Kay bought this equipment in case we camp remotely and no source for clean water. It is designed to filter bacteria and sediments with the built-in ceramic cartridge. After the filtering process, the water is clear and inhabits a good taste. Cheers!

Here are some other photos during their time in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city.

Greetings, H1.

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