Day 12 Part 1 | Kiss of the Bees and Some “First” Experiences

Mae first wild cooking
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June 20th, Thursday

Motorcycle Travel in Slovenia | Ride from Kranj to Dolenjske Toplice

Today, we are heading southwards, getting closer to the border of Croatia. 

After driving 30 minutes, Kay just suddenly stopped and told Mae to look at the cockpit of the bike. Mae was oblivious of what was happening, and could not guess what Kay was trying to say. With an impatient look in his face, Kay blurted out!

100,000 kms!!! Here and now. Yes! It’s a 100k milestone for this motorcycle. It has already been to Mongolia on its own wheels with the previous owner.

Kay: „Let’s have a selfie then.“

Mae: „Oh yeah, really? With the garbage bins?“

Kay: „I just stopped ASAP before it turns 100.001 for your picture. Here is a bus station, I didn`t see that!“

Mae: „That´s what I am saying. You are never aware of the background, that is important for a good photo“

Then the discussion goes on and on!

Anywhere we ride in Slovenia, we are always welcomed with scenic and mountain views. The same as we were traversing the Polhograjski Dolomiti National Park. Some roads we took were gravel and that explains maybe why not so many vehicles are using it. Kay has been used to driving on unpaved roads. There are so many here in Slovenia, most especially deep into the forest.

Forest Motorcycle Route in Slovenia
Forest and gravel roads go together here in Slovenia

It was past noon. They were already hearing their stomachs grumbling, even I could hear it loudly as I laid next to them. Mae quickly spotted a place where to set up the kitchen. Enjoy the soup – Asian Noodle Soup.

Suddenly the motorcycle wobbled, and Kay banged his head on the air. The bike already leaned left then right.. and just seconds we were about to fall – Kay managed to stop 🛑 and held the bike upright. As he completely opened his helmet, a bee 🐝 fell down and left a sting on his cheek. Mae quickly applied a sting repellent. It could not stop the swelling perhaps, but at least could stop the spread of the sting. We had to drive hurriedly to the camp, in case it got swollen that he could not drive any further. 

But a few minutes before our booked campground, there came a surprise.

Wuff, your H1.

Our Day’s Ride

197 Kilometers
7 Hours
2 Breaks

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