Day 80 | „I gLOVE you! “

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27th August, Tuesday

Since we cut-off our route yesterday, we continued it today to the Vikos Canyon then decide where to stay for the night. Couple of minutes after we left, we spent some time to behold the beauty before us. Then we drove on. 

Mae: „Whoops, I don’t have my gloves!“

Kay: „How could you just notice it now?“

We must have been lucky that we’re not far from where it fell. It was just lying on the road. So the next village we arrived to, we enjoyed a glass of iced coffee. Our destination is only an hour away, there we’ll get the full meal. 

Now we drove on! There was so much to admire on this route. Then Madame Mae suddenly blurted, after about 40mins of traveling:

„Where’s my gloves?“ she realized after looking at her naked hand while filming.

„Again?“ Kay asked, since it is the second loss today.

Kay didn‘t really want to lose it, so we turned back and the search went on and on. It’s negative. Then we finally reached to the Café where we had our coffee. They had not found anything. It’s 3 pm and we both were hungry. Thanks to Google Translate, a guy in the kitchen offered to prepare us something:

Souflaki, fries and Greek salad.

We were fed. And no chance of finding the lost gloves now. That means they had to unpack one of the bags to get the extra gloves. But which side, left or right? Since it wasn’t used for long, nobody could really tell where it was packed. No luck anymore for today, both boxes have to be opened and almost emptied. Then a deal was made between the two – „No further discussions“. The day was shitty enough, no additional arguements needed. 

Kay has been used for Mae to forgetting things. Not that Mae purposely doing it – why would she? There are other factors for that. Kay just sweetly said, „I gLove you!“ to tease her. Then Mae replied, „Does that mean a punch?“ – joke

Now off to the Vikos Canyon, one of the deepest on earth. Oh, nearby we spot thunder and lighting. Anyway, we try. The GS is parked at a nearby restaurant, under the eyes of the friendly owner. We take a fast hike in the bumpy fields towards the viewing platform. The 5 km was really worth going, they get an amazing view. A First timer – for the both of them.

The clouds offload nearby only. They are lucky just to feel the breeze. Back at the restaurant, where the owner put their boots under the roof, they need a cool drink immediately. If and how to go on today needs to be considered right now. Soon the day will dawn and the campground is out of reach for this evening. Accommodation for a reasonable price is min. 1 h away, rain can hit us anytime. The combination tired-dark-heavy rain-unknown streets isn’t motivating at all, maybe even dangerous. 

The owner of tidy restaurant and hotel friendly offered us a room multiple times now. Kay tries to proceed tactically, even there is no alternative around. Visibly the both of them Google and discuss (not available) alternative accommodations nearby. After some time there is success: 30% discount. Deal! We push the GS under the roof, carry (more of dragging) the necessary luggage upstairs, and get lighter clothes. There is trout & potatoes for dinner. Even affordable here in the mountains. Enjoy!

We look into the black nowhere. From the windows we spot only darkness, somewhere there must be the Greek mountains. Silence. Only cold wind rushing around the shindles. Far away, you hear the sound of coyotes…Joke! 🙂

It is dark and windy indeed, we just fall to the white linen on top our huge bed. 

Gudd’s Naechddle’ (swabian for “good night”)

Your Mountain, H1 

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