Day 19 | Hostel “Dragans Den” and the Night Jam

hostel near Plitvice Lakes
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27th June, Thursday

Today both mainly go for groceries and do route planning for the ride of 200km /3h tomorrow. Mae has generated a route in Google Maps, then Kay puts it in the GARMIN. 

Since they cook in the evening, tomorrow’s meal is also prepared. As a plan after breakfast – they will just put fresh coffee in the Tatonka, fill all bottles with water and off they go. It is planned to wake up at eight and start at nine o’clock. 

At a break-day like this, they work on the travel diary, pictures, videos and especially Mae has to change the layout of the homepage. Kay likes it separated – English and German. 

These are all fun here where the Wi-Fi is so fast and reliable. Also small repairs and segregation of our stuff has to be done. For this evening we have fresh vegetables as well as great beer in the ref. 

The village’s only supermarket
The village’s only ATM

Cooking takes place at two hotplates included on top of the microwave. We’ve never seen this before but very practical. Except for Mae, she needs to step on a chair to reach there. 

Oven with cooking hotplate on top – not a good idea for Asians

Late surprise for us:

Today the 37 yr. young American Country singer ’Zeb Big Job South’ arrived at the hostel and will play at night for us in the garden. Tom will cut the grass and all of us will sit at the bonfire. Couches surround the Bonfire in the garden. Yeah-This is what hostels are known for. 

We are four Americans (two have been soldiers in Germany and one is still living there), one Canadian, a Croatian, a Mexican, M&K. 

Americans meeting Americans and talking about America

So long,


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