Day 18 | Goodbye Zagreb, hello Karlovac & Plitvice Lakes

Slunj century water mill
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26th June, Wednesday

At eight o’clock the both of them woke-up totally damaged. “Yesterday while all that heat, we hardly drank some water. The other day also less,” Mae is whining. That is true! Kay is hurrying to the water tap and returns with full glasses. A quick coffee at the roof terrace, then the miracle of segregating and packing follow this. The GS is directly exposed to the sun, but soon the parasol of Robert‘s mum is moved there. 

Kay bringing our stuff to the bike for packing

Even so the both of them will just have a shower right before leaving. Despite the shadow and light clothes, it is quite sweaty at 33 degrees C (91 degrees F).

Valentina and Robert already went to work, no worries about our breakfast: “The both of you know where the kitchen is, you will surely find the necessary,” reminded Valentina.

Customers turned friends – brought about by TnT

Kay is already receiving the second call from Bernd at home on this journey. He wants to know where we are and if we are all right. Bernd has offered to haul us back home till 1000 km distance in case of accident, malfunction or whatever goes wrong. No matter where and when. Kay is taking this promise based on linear distance on which we haven’t reached 1000 km yet. Bernd even increased up to 1100 while the call. Kay is supposed to call when we covered that and Bernd is released from his promise. But even in trouble in the Philippines we shall leave him a message, he may fly over to us to ’help’ there. 

Also, Kay’s former supervisor Franz has also offered to fetch us from a distance up to Austria in case of trouble. Thanks Franz, luckily no need for that!

The mentality, culture and culinary imprint of currently visited Slovenian and Croatian people is similar. Of course, everyone has the best wine, sausage and rakja (local spirit, RAKJA-connecting people). To reduce weight as they both have planned for the trip seems to be impossible in this environment. Even there is a chance they have ’grown’. 

The summer heat in Zagreb is bothering Mae and especially Kay. After the refreshing shower, with slow moves and mentally ’keeping cool’ it is bearable. The DECATHLON store in Zagreb is nicely air-conditioned. Mae needs some jogging pants and a cover for the ESBIT. Out again in the afternoon heat, we head to our next stop ’Sarajevska 29’ where Kay answered his former seminar participants some technical questions about the alarm system. After that, they have a traditional meal nearby which also serves them for dinner. 

From the capital to Karlovac we take the highway, in between there is nothing to see we have been told. Sadly at the 30 km of idyllic country roads to the falls of Rastoke, we have a military convoy in front of us. No chance to overtake, no alternative road nearby. 

Waterfall in Slunj
First waterfall we’ve seen in Slovenia

We pass by a traffic control but luckily the policeman is already off duty. We are always too late, also for that kind of interruption. In the future that will repeat as you may read. 

After a picture-picture stop at the great of mountains we ride a scenic route towards our hostel. Temperature cools down to enjoyable 20 degree C (68 degree F). What of mist remind us of movie scenes. 

We are almost alone on the road, you can hardly find anybody outside at 9pm in the villages we cross. 

It is easy for them to spot the lemon green hostel directly at main road. Tomislav (Tom) has assured us to guard the GS in the garage where we stop directly. Barely off the bike he welcomes us, in the silence of the village he must have heard us coming for sure.

Mae quickly decides to have the room with balcony, and Kay is happy that this is located at the backside of the house. So it is quiet.

While stopping at the falls of Rastoke, Kay has asked Tom how to get a cold beer near the hostel in the late evening. No chance here, but Tom especially has prepared three bottles of ice-cold tasty Krusovicer beer – thanks, we have killed them all!

Kay has wished granted by our host

M@K enjoy the remains of today’s lunch and make friend with Diego from Mexico. He was studying in Milano and since a few months, he is traveling through Europe. Diego is just 22 years of age and mostly working in hostels. That means free meals and accommodation as well as a small salary. 

Soon the three have a colorful conversation about Europe, the Germans, the life in the Philippines as well as in middle- and South America. Mae and he discover many similarities of their individual mother tongue. It is enlightening to hear his point of view about the conditions of current Europe and the animosities between Europe people with different nationality, or ethnicity. 

For a certain time, we converse about the liking for neatness and tidiness, pedantry and punctuality of the Germans (excluding Kay). Well, it is interesting he has acquired pretty good English exclusively on his journey. 

For Diego, permanent life in northern countries like Canada or Germany despite the economical benefits is out of the discussion. He would suffer from cold and darkness and the lacking social street life like in southern countries. He is really wondering how we can endure that. After a closing espresso we wonder it is already 1 am and jump in bed directly. 

While this conversation Kay has charged the intercoms, power banks, and headlamps in between. The helmet visors need to be cleaned, riding suits, boots and clothes vent. Our every-evening riding preparation. 

Sleep well,

your H1.

Our Day’s Ride

233 Kilometers
6 Hours
2 Breaks

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