Day 15 Part 2 | First Experience of Croatian Hospitality

Remete view of Zagreb
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23rd June, Sunday afternoon

What a lovely rainbow welcomes us here in Croatia.

In Zagreb we are welcomed warmly by Robert, Valentina, Tena and Jan. After Kay parked the GS they unpack the wet stuff – tent, footprints, tarp – to hang it for drying. Meanwhile, Valentina is preparing a meal for everybody- local cheese, ham, bread and salads for dinner. Robert’s impatience grew about the question of what Mae and Kay would like to do next – refresh themselves with a shower or take a seat and enjoy a beer first. We think he needs an urgent answer. Earlier today, he also drove 400 km and we could clearly tell he needs some isotonic drink.

We’ll drink a beer,” Kay replied hastily.

Uhh that helps, what a most welcome refreshment for Kay. After few minutes comes the second bottle. This is going to continue for the whole evening for sure, no question asked. The last weeks, Kay had to take antibiotics for ten days. In these days, he should be avoiding alcohol. He diligently abstains himself from drinking alcohol for the last days. Occasionally I saw him checking his calendar and marking his medicine schedule. Well, he must have calculated it well. He completed his antibiotics even before arriving in Robert’s place. Because he knows that beer is bottomless there.


Beer, wine and liquor are also offered to Mae, which she declined. She is settling with Cola and juice, but Valentina is preparing a drink for Mae to try. She eventually tries it. Here in Croatia, they call the drink “Bambus”. It’s a mixture of Red Wine and Cola. You can decide the ratio of it, but cola must be poured in the wine and not the other way around.

We still have some eggs, margarine and jam that need to be cold for our time here. But, the fridge is full. As Robert and Kay are enjoying their beers – one bottle to next, the problem is solved. After getting out more and more bottles of beer, there is space in the ref finally. Valentina is facing this problem every time. When there are parties in the house, she likes to put cakes in the ref, but in the end, she won’t have space there anymore beers are the 1st priority.

All of them enjoy the delicious dinner, with the music videos of Queens playing on the background. They have a lively conversation about the beautiful nature in Slovenia and Croatia, get recommendations for the next days and discuss our planned route to Asia.

Robert is a customer of Kay’s former company. That’s where they know each other. Many times, they have met in Zagreb and Aalen. When in Zagreb, they spent the days in front of the laptop, circuit boards and site surveys of electronic alarm systems. In the evenings they went for good food and couple of beers. This kind of doing business and spending leisure time together is typical for the countries in Balkan region, the same is true in Gulf region and the Iberian Peninsula as Kay has endured so much often. Sometimes this ends up in a friendship, and so for Kay it is an absolute must to drop by at Robert’s place on this journey.

From the last business trip in summer 2018, Kay’s gift was decided easily: One box of ‘Wasseralfinger Spezial’, a delicious Beer from his region. A blunder for many, Robert accepted it commenting: “Thanks Kay, I will cool it for tomorrow. For today I already cooled few boxes for us to enjoy.

By the way, this quality beer is produced only for sales in local stores and according to the German Purity law from 1516.

After this inner cooling, Mae and Kay totally forgot about shower. The feast continued until the early morning and by now, Valentina and Mae are already enjoying few glasses of ‘Bambus’. Having peanuts or Kikeriki are also common to eat alongside the drinks. It was already past midnight, and except Robert, the three already get tired. Valentina showed Mae and Kay the guestroom.

Gute Nacht, Sleep Well, Mahimbing na Tulog, the whentravelbites team wishes sweet dreams!



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