Day 14 Part 2 | Day Tour around Dolenjske Toplice

sveti Peter way sign
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22th June, Saturday

Mae had picked a few great POIs and created a round tour of about 220 kms. I heard the two a while ago having intimate discussions about this matter. Mae would normally start the conversation complaining like this —-

Mae: You would always let me pick the route, but in reality you already have plans in mind. (With a pouting lips)

Kay, wanting to appease his wife –

Kay: No! I don’t have. But we always need to be flexible with our plans. 

Mae: Yes, but many chances we can go to places I wanted to, but it was never happening. I don’t want to plan anymore. I just don’t want to be disappointed.

Kay: Babe, please! (Now feeling guilty) Okay, tell me. Where do we go today?

Then Mae creates a plan, and then we go!

Second planned stop today is the look-out ‚Sveti Peter Dvor‘ in the middle of a forest on top of a hill.

We wanted to go to this Peak with a good panoramic view of the region around (as per Google). We were surprised to be directed on the road going through the forest. It was a good gravel road, but with plenty of curves and slopes. We were already at the point of this destination, but we didn’t realize that there’s actually a need for a hike to go up. Well, it’s something that we were never prepared for. Halfway through the hike going up, we took a break. Finally we decided to abort the mission and went back to the bike. 

We’ll do better next time.”, exclaimed the two.

PS: Kay generally is fan of all stops high on a hill, it is colder there than in the valleys.

The next Gas station will be ours, filling the GS and PRIMUS with needed petrol. Then we can have our prepared lunch: Hot Potatoes, fresh Salad, Bread and a delicious sausage are our meal.

An increasing thunderstorm right in front has forced us to turn right before the next POI. Luckily Kay has spotted this small gas station alongside the road a few hundred meters before. This has saved us all from being soaking wet. We arrived just in time as hell breaks loose. There is not much dry space under the roof, so our driver has filling gas slowly. GS and the PRIMUS-bottle. One by one… There was heavy rain, and soon with thunder and lightning.

Still we have to wait, Kay gets a coffee for Mae and himself at the counter, as well as sandwiches. As this was finished and the both of them were still hungry (and rain keeps going), they have a coke and chips. Not the best food but mealtime was already overdue and cooking with an open flamed stove next to the filling pump at a petrol station seems a bit risky.

Even for some other customers we were an obstacle, but nobody dared to chase us out. Rain was still flooding down from the cloud, and Kay would have never moved from the shelter. In between Mae used the free Wi-Fi there to Skype with Geraldine, her good friend and maid of honor, living in Macedonia (newly North Macedonia). We have sent a package there with gifts for the baby Cheska, our Maps from Greece to Asia as well as special oil for the driveshaft of the GS. 

Baby Cheska with the The Nussers over Skype

Halfway to the planned final stop today we turn around. It would get too late, and in our direction we would catch another heavy rain soon. This rain would even follow us back home with an ETA of 10:30 pm. No, thanks. Better head home on another nice route.

The last 45 min turned out to be a forest track. Roughly 20 km we cross through the mountains as Kay gets more and more confident in his riding skills. Well, more daringness it turned out to be. At once replacing the stones there is only mud ahead of the tires. The back wheel slides, then also the front looses traction. Mae and Kay both are sure to fall in this second. Firmly pulling the clutch lever and not-steering keep us going upright. Uff! Our hearts beat faster. Mae was even preparing to jump off the GS. Luckily we were not too fast and the way was straight for these 50 m. Happy smile on everybody’s face, take it easy guys.

In the dawn we pass by a graveyard from the days after WWII. A lot of crimes and ethnic cleansing sadly happens in these days.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year so we still catch a bit of daylight as we reach the camp around 9:30 pm. Rain caught us the last 10 min on the road but the evening is warm so it is fine. Kay gets a bit used to the sweating. For Mae this does not seem to exist. At temperatures of ~30 C she is in her motorcycle dress with boots and helmet the whole day, feeling well. Kay starts dripping even one minute after being dressed up. When we start and at any break, Kay is asking her if she is ready. Really ready, ready-ready. When Mae is in helmet and gloves, he is only putting his jacket…  

We enjoy a delicious dinner Mae is preparing: Chicken steak with Capsicum at 10:30 pm. Enjoy! 

Mae’s style of cooking when tired

While eating, Kay is charging the batteries as we are near to 230 V sockets. That means the two helmet intercom as well as the GoPro action cam and the 3 axis stabilization handheld, the GIMBALL. The (3 🤪) used Smartphones, GPS route guidance system Garmin, headlamps, tent lamp and power banks are being recharged while riding. We are Generation Y! Paper maps were not necessary so far, thanks to Google Maps & Garmin. This we expect to be a subject to change in Turkey. Until now people throwing strange looks towards us as the both of them stop with our microphone equipped helmets, blue blinking, Mae looking for the way with the IPhone, Kay holding it to check the rain alarm app, then putting the findings in the touchscreen of the GPS.

Kay is also very happy that all the shopping for equipment is over now. Seeing all the reviews, researching in the Internet, drive to several shops to see, feel and test was really bothering. Till now only a good cup for Mae was missing, this they bought in Ljubljana .

Rain stopped at 11 pm so we can move to the tent on dry feet. Today the two lovebirds are alone at the tent field 😈. 

Have nice dreams,


Our Day’s Ride

168 Kilometers
8 Hours
4 Breaks

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