24th June, Monday

Zagreb welcomes us this morning with lots of sunshine and nice cold breeze rushing in as the house is located at the hilltop. Our cozy room is at the upper floor with constant airflow the whole night. 

The four of them have breakfast at the roof terrace, enjoying local ham, Cheese and German Nutella. Years ago, Robert told Kay that Nutella produced for the local market has a different taste than normal. So, watch out and get it at the German discounter! 

Here in the capital of Croatia we also wash our clothes in a washing machine for the first time since we left home. Enhanced with the smell of chrysanthemums and tendered with fabric softener we feel back-to-civilization. What a difference to hand wash while taking a shower (thanks Pops Peter for the hint). 

Newly washed clothes of Mae and Kay

In the heat of the Croatian sun all is dry soon, even our riding suits wet from yesterday’s shower near the border from Slovenia to Croatia. After a refreshing shower Kay is charging all our devices and connecting it to the Wi-Fi. The GARMIN gets the latest update and we pack all our already dried stuff like the tent, footprints and tarp in the corresponding containers. The broken aluminum rod of the tent is later to be repaired by Robert and Kay. This morning, Robert is buying fresh foods (means mostly meat) at a nearby market. For this evening he plans a BBQ at home, surely with enough beer. 

Their friend and colleague Daniel as well as his wife Luzia also join us. Daniel is a big fan of the GS and really looking for a good one to buy, so the three man have a lot to talk about. The couple wants to know Details about our journey and are really interested in our homepage. Daniel would even like to join us when we leave at Wednesday. Mae and Kay get lots of Info about interesting POIs and the best road to take between them, surely too much destinations to explore for us. 

Robert works his magic to cook us Croatian BBQs

Mae has already planned our tour through Zagreb for tomorrow. By coincidence we visit the Croatian capital at their Independence Day so we may see more than usual – we are curious. 

So far, we miss neither home, apartment, car, family, friends or the usual environment. The days are filled with ups and downs, never boring, always something to do. We got used to traveling after 2 weeks, only the packing takes too long. It’s getting better, but we’re still puzzling everything into the drybags, bags and aluminum cases. 

From time to time we miss small parts of our equipment – to find them always after a few days somewhere down in a bag. 

How stressful the days are, filled with traveling and excitement, we feel exhausted when we go into the tent or bed. We are sleeping like a stone and being awakened by the dawning day and the warmth of the morning – still always tired. 

Goodbye, H1.