Day 81 | Attention aches and curves, here comes the sea!

Sunset In Greece
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28th August, Wednesday

It’s late in the morning – 10am. The two just got-up. But around 6am, I saw Mae woke-up, looked so stiff and seemed like in pain. After a long hurried hike yesterday to the Vikos canyon, no beauty can replace the aches her body must have been feeling now.

“Pooor Mae,” I thought, “If only I could take the pain instead. Even I am a bit damaged, too. I fell too many times on this part of the trip that my body is soiled.”

Yes, Mae manages her daily pain patiently and gracefully. Some days are good; other days are just too much to bear – just like today.

At breakfast, they had been planning the route for the day. Our next destination is Meteora, to the east direction. But to our surprised, Kay set the direction to the southwest – heading to the coast. I heard Mae trying to convince Kay that she needed a day or two to re-charge body energy.

Well, that’s what love can do. It can steer the wheels wherever she loves to go. Now we’re off to the sea.

While packing our bags, Kay met a traveling couple from Britain and chatted for a while. Time check: It’s 1pm. We then said our goodbyes to our very kind host. He is interested in our trip that he asked us to send him photos of places we are visiting.

We let the Riser app decide our route to the coast choosing the curvy option as we didn’t have enough time left. It tells us of 4hrs drive, not included the breaks in-between.

Then 2 minutes after we drove on, the two got into discussion again. The Navi led us into the village, with a steep stony-street downhill. And guess why? Mae had to go down and needed to walk few hundred meters. It is too steep. In spite of the pain she’d been suffering, she obliged taking me with her not to risk of falling again.

There were times that she does it happily. When Kay stopped with the Mountain View on our side and a winding road before and after us, what was supposed to be a quick stop to snap few photos became like an hour. The lens cover of the camera fell and somebody had to get down and get it. Mae then got down and Kay has this idea of more shooting. Then you could see Mae as if in 100% good condition – grabbed the camera from Kay and walked across the street – waiting for Kay to drive the winding road. She could intentionally numb her body from any pain just to do what she liked doing.

It was a long ride today. We drove in and out of the forest, from one mountain to the other, crossed through tiny villages. Here the population of animals is even more than the villagers. The first 100 kilometer was intense heat as we drove the side of the mountains where the sun was shining. As we constantly moved, we needed not to battle against it but you felt it under your nose.

There was not much action for Mae behind. She didn’t even have any plans of taking videos. I felt the tension in her, in every twists and turns of the bike, her grip on my legs got tighter and tighter every time.

I have many jobs on that ride. Apart from telling the story, I also serve as Mae’s hand-rest and holding handle.

Both were now hungry, and there was still 50mins to the destination. It took some time before they finally found Greek gyros for a meal. Kay´s place is in front of the A/C, that is for sure. Then we drove on. This time we drove under the shadow of the mountains, headed straight to the next city closer to the campground they have researched. They were not even sure if they would like the place, since the camp host replied to their inquiry that there was not much option for space. We headed there anyway.

At the first sight of the sea, Mae’s excitement cannot be contained. She shouted so loud that Kay’s ear could blow up. Then Kay lowered his intercom volume so Mae had the freedom to shout and rejoice, and not damaged any of his ears.

Here we are!!! Felt like arriving to a German village, where almost all campers spoke German. Mae chose a nice spot for us. Camping next to the beach where you could hear every time the sound of the waves rushing through the shore. For now, let me enjoy the sunset!

That’s me enjoying the sunset!



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